Black Beans Corn Salad

Sumptuous Salad

            Now that your Simple Seven meal is ready, Here I come with another #HealthfulKitchen meal to compliment the soup and give some nourishment to empty stomach before we start with our Main course. Salads or as I call Sumptuous Salad are integral part of meal, not just because it’s easy to cook, but its rich in nutrients, in its natural form, raw and unprocessed. Another advantage is by serving the salad kids are most likely to eat most of it, this helps kids to get more fruits and vegetables into their diet who usually avoid eating it in main course. Well too much of learning 😉 lets start with our Nutritious Meal!!!


Ingredients :

Black Beans                                        1 Cup          High in Protein and Fiber
Sweet Corn                                         1/2 Cup       Rich in Vitamin B
Broccoli (Fine Chopped)                  Few             Vitamin C
Cherry Tomato (cut half)                 4-5              Vitamin A
Lettuce (freshly cut )                         1-2 leaves Rich in Vitamin K , C
Olive oil                                               1-tsp           High in Antioxidant
Lime juice
Salt to taste
Black pepper                                      1/2 tsp
Spring Onions to add crunchiness

So now that all ingredients are ready, here comes the long and tough processing………… Mix them in Bowl and bingo…the Healthful Dish is ready :).. tough, isn’t it? 😉

Super Healthy and Super Nutritious!!! Cook , Eat and Smile!!!

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~ #HealthfulKitchenBlog – Keeping Nutrition Alive!!!!


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