Corn Spinach Veg

Corn-Spinach Veg

Well after 7 min of Simply Seven, 6 mins of Black bean salad, here comes Main course with a 5 min recipe….yes, you read it right, 5 min, five min for this super nutritious recipe. So let’s begin


Corn                         1-cup                     Rich in folate(folic acid)
Spinach                    2-cup                     High in zinc
Garlic cloves           2-3
Green chilly            1-2
Mint Leaves             6-7
Salt to taste


First Blanch the spinach. For those of you who know ( just like my husband 😉 ) what blanch means, no worries at all! First clean the spinach with normal water. Now in high boiling water, put spinach and let it boil for 30 sec- 1 min, In the meantime, take ice cubes/cold water in another boil, now take the spinach from boiling water and put it in cold water. we do this to keep the spinach tender and nutrients alive!!!

Now in a blender add chopped garlic cloves, mint leaves, salt, blanched spinach and make a coarse paste.
Heat 1 tsp oil in a non-stick pan add spinach paste and boil sweet corn for 1-2 min. The dish is ready!!!

Super Healthy and Super Nutritious!!! Cook , Eat and Smile!!!

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~ #HealthfulKitchenBlog – Keeping Nutrition Alive!!!!


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